Document Finishing


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Document Finishing

Digiprint offers a full range of print and copy finishing ranging from folding, creasing and stitching to binding, numbering and padding.

Often with print buyers finishing is overlooked or is considered a minor detail at the end of a job, but we believe the correct and professional print finishing can make or break the final image of your print.

Just imagine spending hundreds on cutting edge design, thousands on print production, then cost cutting at the end and doing a cheap finishing job.

We have access to the latest finishing equipment, so you have that special touch and make a good impression.


Creasing:folding scoring
A strong permanent crease can be put into your finished printed product that allows them to be folded either by a folding machine that require creasing for heavier stocks or manually by hand.





Folding allows you convert a flat printed sheet into a pamphlet, tentcard (one fold), z-fold (two folds) leaflet and many other applications. Lighter stocks can be simply folded by our folding machine, heavier stocks may require a crease and fold to complete the application correctly.



digiprint_13_document_finishing_comb_bindingComb binding:

Comb binding is one of many ways to bind pages together into a book. This method utilises round plastic spines with 21 rings (for A4 size) and a hole puncher that makes rectangular holes. With this bind, the book lays flat and a selection of comb sizes is available to suit your document.



digiprint_13_document_finishing_wire_o_bindingWire “O” binding:

Wire “O” binding utilises metal wires that are bent into a round loop to close the document and a hole puncher that makes rectangular holes. The bind is secure and permanent so you can not edit or re-insert additional pages after binding. Also used for Calendar binding with hanger loops. With this bind, the book lays flat and can turn back on itself. A selection of wire sizes is available to suit your document.



digiprint_13_document_finishing_drillingDrilling (litho print only):
Drilling will place an hole through your artwork, we drill to a diameter of 3mm. 3.5mm or 6mm. Drilling would be suitable if your finished artwork was to be ring bound or possibly require hanging via a tag or ring.



digiprint_13_document_finishing_round_cornerRound Cornering:

Round cornering can be used to ’round’ the corners of a printed sheet, they would most commonly be used on business cards to give smoothed corners to the card. Round cornering is available in 3 or 10mm radii



digiprint_13_document_finishing_laminateGloss & Matt Lamination:

Gloss lamination gives your finished printing a shiny covering to the choosen face. The Gloss lamintation prevents you from actually writing on the surface with a ball point pen but is great for the fronts of business cards to gives a bright and colour enhancing professional finish to the finished product.




Perforating the printed artwork allows detachable tear off sections on your artwork. Possible uses are for return slips on mailers, tear-off vouchers and tear-off tickets.

More than one perforation can be put on the finished print, in straight lines only limited by the size of the printed product.




We are able to produce glued pads for many different applications. NCR invoices, order books, note pads, phone call pads, brochures, info packs, and many other items can all be padded to keep sheets together and at hand.


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