Making any type of sign could seem like an easy task. However, making sure your make effective signage for your business is more difficult than you may think – Here’s a few top tips we can recommend you follow when planning for next piece of signage.

Make it readable

The main part of effective signage is that it’s audience should be able to see/read it without difficulty. You must eliminate more complex fonts otherwise you’ll end up with a sign that no one is able to comprehend – in other words, a waste of money.

Choosing a clear and readable font that is noticeable from a distance is key to making sure your company’s message is communicated.

What’s your call to action?

The next element to consider is what you’re asking your audience to do. It’s not enough to just advertise information on your product or service, you need to give them something to do. Whether it’s to buy, to come in for a chat or make use of a special offer, giving your sign a call to action evoke an emotion in your customers where they feel the need to interact with said action.

A step in the right direction would be to make this call to action catchy and memorable. Effective signage is something that stays in the mind of your customer. Whether they interact with your brand now or in the future, you want your effect signage to help toward that eventual exchange.


The saying less is more is true in many cases – this being another one. Consider the fact that people are usually passing by a sign rather than stopping to read one. So, to make effective signage, the need for quick and to-the-point information is vital.

When designing your sign, test it by having other people walk past your screen and see how much information that can pick up upon passing. It’s an ideal way to test out how much text you need.

Location, location, location!

To have effective signage, it must be strategically placed. Deciding where you sign will be is better to think of before you begin the design process. This is because the design will need to be tailored to where it will be.

For example, if your sign is going to be high up, big bold and brief are the three key elements when designing whereas, if it’s a window poster, strong catchy words and a stand out design is what you should be leaning towards.

Colour palettes

Your brand’s colours are the obvious range to go for when planning your effective signage design but be sure to think about the different patterns and backgrounds you can use. It’s important that your message stands out, so consider using different colour partners to ensure maximum attention.

Personality, please!

It can be so tempting to just splash your usual logo and tagline onto a sign along with what you do. However, that isn’t going to get people to your business. Sell you company’s personality, try to think of wording that will be memorable and express the atmosphere and values of your business.

If you’re looking for experts to help make your company’s next piece of signage, we’re just what you’re looking for! Contact our team to see how we can create effective signage for you.