For a business, big or small, unique and powerful signage is an essential marketing tool that shouldn’t be rushed. It’s one of the most traditional forms of marketing and it can benefit your business is variety of ways.

Brand awareness

Powerful signage is a vital part of brand recognition. Be sure that your sign fully reflects multiple elements of your brand’s values. Anything from a sign with your company’s logo on to an advertisement of your products and services the colours, imagery and typography needs to reflect how you want your target audience to connect with your business.

This is key because consumers, generally, are more likely to buy from a brand they know and recognise. Therefore, taking time to make sure that your signage resonates with what you feel your consumers need – THAT will be what makes your brand and signage memorable.

Targets passive customers

A well-placed and well-design piece of signage is one of the most effective ways to target your passive customers. These are the customers that your company wouldn’t otherwise be able to attract because they simple are ‘looking’ for your product or service – looking being the prime word here. A passive customer can have their mind changed by marketing tools that trigger the need for your product or service upon passing.

Therefore, by investing in stand-out signage of all sizes, you’re more likely to bring in those customers who would have otherwise never had wanted your products or services.

Stand out against competitors

Signage isn’t exactly a new form of marketing, but it is one which many companies take advantage of because of just how striking a sign can be. If you’re wanting to evoke a reaction from your customers and build brand awareness, you need to make sure you’re doing something different.

Don’t simply just put your logo and information onto a sign and call it a day. Really think about what would stop you in your tracks and highlight the personality of the business. Do this and you’ll start to see that your signage is more memorable than that of your competitors.

Signage is a cost-effective marketing tool

Investing in powerful signage is probably one of the most cost-effective marketing tools, other than word-of-mouth. It’s visible all day, all year around – and you don’t even have to monitor it!

Putting the effort into making a unique design is the most you need to do. Once the sign is up, it will do the work for you. No ongoing costs, no monthly ROI reports just a consistent reminder than your business is there and helping to pull customers into buying your product or service.

Here at Digiprint Nettl, we have a vast range of signs we can product and install. Contact one of our teams to find out more.