We’ve previously spoke about the benefits to rebranding your business. Well, this time, we’ll highlight the potential rebranding risks that you need to take into consideration during each step of your journey. 

Abandoning your existing client base

Thinking about your existing consumer demographic is crucial to a successful rebrand. When looking as to where your company is going to go next, you must do what you can to keep the trust and loyalty of those who are already with your brand. 

One way to help to minimise this rebranding risk is to keep them involved from the very beginning of the process. Sending out surveys and consistently asking for their feedback is a prime way to ensure that they are with you every step of the way during your rebranding journey. In addition to this, you strengthen their trust with effective communication. 

Think of your current content and SEO

Up until now, your business has put a lot of effort into making sure your online content consistently strengthens the website’s SEO. Therefore, if you choose to rebrand your company’s name, logo and domain, a risk you take when losing all this content and your SEO rating. 

To make sure you don’t lose any of your hard work, set up redirect links for old content and be sure to mention your former company name in any of your webpages which explain more about the business’s history. What this will do is not only notify Google of the change and help to be a smoother transition, but it will also continue to drive traffic from those who recognise your business’s old brand. 

Miscalculating the budget 

The cost of the whole process is on of the most common rebranding risks that is usually overlooked. Businesses make the mistake of not including the marketing costs within their budget. It’s a shame to exhaust all the budget to remake the logo and update all the company materials when there is nothing left to promote the new brand. There’s only one way to make sure your budget is realistic is to do the right research and preparation before starting the rebrand. 

Does the rebrand translate well across all platforms

Gone are the days when a logo would just need to come in a single format. Now, businesses need marketing and branding specialists to make sure that they’re new aesthetic is mirrored across all platforms including all social medias, website, videos, and print materials. This is such an important element to consider when it’s been found that consistently presented brands are 3.5 times more likely to enjoy bran visibility than than with inconsistent brand identities.

Without taking this into consideration, there is the possibility that the new identity could come across as unprofessional and amateurish if not done correctly. This will not only reduce your current audience, but it will put off the potential demographic growth. Therefore, it’s important that businesses highlight the different branding qualities that each media platform has and plan for materials to be tailors to each element.

If you’re looking for the ideal professionals to help your business through a rebrand, our experts are on hand to help with each stage. Contact us for more information on how we can help you.