New Print Guide out now and this month is Litho print focus.


Your website needs to look impressive. It has to be clear and consistent. You know that already. But big brands don’t just focus everything online. They combine their online presence with offline marketing in print.

Why? Print and direct mail is proven to build trust. It’s perceived to be more credible. It plays with emotions. And it appeals to multiple senses – touch and sight. There’s nothing like it. And you can exploit that power, very cost-effectively.

Sometimes too much choice is daunting. That’s why we’ve featured our top selling collections in a handy guide. It contains our most popular, best value ranges. With a few curious and quirky options sprinkled in, to titillate and add allure.

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When you buy from Nettl at digiprint, you’re buying at factory-direct prices, from our own UK-based production hub at our studios in Bath and Chippenham. Delivery of your print is now free and you can create an account and process orders online easily. If you are looking for some good old reliable printing that is cheap, affordable and packed full of quality with local friendly service, you have found the right guys!

Just head over to our new print webshop (digiprintwebshop) for our entire printed range and price lists and offers. We have one of the largest ranges of UK produced print, signs, exhibition and display items that help you and your business promote what you do.

So as a rough guide to the amazing print we can produce here is a quick list of our most popular services:

Products & Prices

Business Cards

Flyers & Promotion



Clothing & Workwear

Glass & Crystal


Showcards / Thick Flyers

Invites & Greetings

Hospitality & Retail

Pads & Note Blocks

Giveaway Gifts

Wine, Champagne & Water

Carriage & Delivery


Posters & Exhibitions


The Colour of Christmas


  • Pens from 33p each


  • Bags from £2 each

External Products & Services

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“Everything your business needs all under one roof with bespoke design, signage and web services available.”

All prices exclude artwork, design, filechecking and VAT.

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Marketing planning, strategy, information and resources.

We are hosting the Bath indie chat hour today and our topic of conversation is Marketing for small businesses. Our main 4 questions are listed below with our thoughts and advice covering each to serve as a support guide to fellow indie’s who need help with their marketing strategy.

Small business owners have many problems they face in marketing their business. In working with many B2B and B2C small businesses, we have found that there are four main problems that constantly surface that need attention to achieve small business marketing success.

1. How do you manage your time to concentrate on marketing?

Time management is the first big problem. If you are lamenting, you don’t have enough time in the day to get things done you’re not alone. Spending your time on the important issues separates those that achieve success and those that muddle along. Are you identifying your three to five daily rocks, the important and urgent priorities you need to address each day? These are the 20% of actions you take which yield 80% of your productivity. Here are four keys to successful time management they include:


  • Write down 3 to 5 of your most important & urgent marketing priorities daily.
  • Your daily tasks must be specific no vagaries allowed!
  • Hold yourself accountable for achieving your daily tasks
  • Be proactive not reactive with your marketing, plan your time wisely.

Many small businesses fall foul of the “all or nothing” marketing cycle. This being that when a small business is experiencing a busy period, marketing takes a back seat. Then when a quieter period arrives, we panic and throw out a torrent of marketing in all directions. Business picks up again and the cycle continues.


2. How do you identify who best to market your business to?

Target market identification is another big problem we often encounter. Many small business owners incorrectly describe their target market as everybody. If you hear yourself describe your target market as you can sell to everyone, then you may want to rethink that position. Everyone is a big target market.

Defining your real target market and knowing the size and scope of that target market is step one. Step two is to analyse within your specific target market how many different market segments there are that you can realistically serve. Now you are in a position to establish resource allocations necessary to efficiently and effectively mount the proper marketing campaign that will produce a satisfactory sales outcome. Thinking you can sell to everyone creates a loss of focus on your marketing efforts. Your resources of pounds, time and energy that are not focused will yield a poor result.

Try creating Client Personas. Client personas not being researched is a frequent missing marketing ingredient too. Not having researched and created client personas of a business’s ideal clients are just as important as identifying the target market. Why? Because defining a client persona allows you to uncover the important marketing communications message points you will need to reach, resonate and convert sales prospects to clients in your target markets. Creating a client persona will allow you to:

  • Immerse yourself in your customer’s skin.
  • Uncover client pain points, investigate their top 5 issues to their business and create a solution for them. Tell them how you can help!
  • Discover the language or terminology used by your prospective clients.
  • Learn where to look and find your potential clients, where do they hang out? Online, social media, business breakfasts, networking events?

These are critical necessities in developing customer-centric marketing messages in today’s content marketing.


3. Do you set a marketing plan and a budget to follow your plan?

No marketing plan and no budget! It is amazing how many small businesses have no marketing plan and no formalised budget. Expecting success without these marketing fundamentals is a sign of hoping for success instead of planning for it.

Planning your marketing and establishing a budget is not that hard to do. There are plenty of free resources available for writing a marketing plan and creating a basic budget. The benefits of performing these tasks are many.

  • Establishes business goals & objectives to evaluate success
  • Defines business opportunities
  • Instrumental in defining your target markets
  • Identifies your value proposition
  • Outlines key marketing messages
  • Eliminates knee-jerk wasteful spending

Investing your time and effort in a marketing plan and budget will increase your success and save hundreds of pounds in marketing expense.
Focusing on marketing tactics versus marketing strategy is the last most common problem with small business owners. Mistaking marketing communication channels as marketing is commonplace. Many people approach small business promoting “marketing” as telemarketing, email marketing, social media marketing, web marketing, etc. No wonder small business owners get confused. None of these activities are marketing, they are marketing tactics used as part of the overall marketing process to deliver your business’s marketing messages.

The solution to this problem is easy. Get a real marketing plan not a so called instant solution or waste money on the “hot” marketing fad at the moment. There are many good ways to distribute your marketing message. A strategic plan that evaluates which communications distribution options are best suited to reach your market and convert prospects into sales for you will prevent you from wasting your time and money.

4. Are you using multiple marketing techniques? Multi-channel marketing increases brand awareness and creates a larger spend.

Marketing touch points are any methods or modes of contact between a company and the consumer. Touch points can be face-to-face discussions, promotional fliers, online ads and anything else that involves a business marketing message, brand name or logo reaching the customer. The amount and effectiveness of your small business marketing touch points can determine your level of success and the ways your marketing can be improved.

In Store.
If you have a shop, in store touch points vary by the type of small business you run. If you have a clothing store for example, your touch points are the team on the floor, the register at checkout, in-store point-of-sale and posters, leaflets or postcards in the customer’s bags and the receipt every customer receives after a transaction. These touch points can be used as marketing tools but will require separate approaches. For example: your team can inform shoppers of a sale on jeans so they know about current promotions. Point of sale posters, banners, leaflets or window displays will inform customers of sales or new products. Your cashiers can offer discounts on purchases or upsell complementary products and place printed marketing material in their bags. Your receipts can print with promotional coupons that offer 20 percent off the next purchase of £50 or more for example to give your customers an incentive to return.

Electronic. (Website and Social Media)
Electronic touch points can play a large role in your marketing strategy. Electronic touch points are more measurable than some others in their efficiency, because records of clicks, click-throughs and orders can be obtained in most cases. Electronic touch points include email communications, clickable banners, social media pages and any other means of creating contact with your customer base online. The people you attract with electronic touch points may be different than those you contact through more traditional means, and your marketing should reflect that difference. Electronic marketing will need multiple hits or views to deliver sales and if this is your only marketing avenue beware you may be missing out on a large proportion of your potential customer market. With so many like for like businesses competing for the same customers online, you really need to stand out from the crowd or risk getting lost in the barrage of social media and email marketing.

Mail and Print.
Print materials distributed in local newspapers, Magazine ads, by hand or through targeted marketing campaigns in the mail, bring your marketing message home. These more traditional marketing touch points are just as effective, as they do not require the client to initiate contact through in-person or webpage visits. Print marketing can be distributed to existing clients as a method of retention or randomly as an attempt to bring in new customers. In either case, print marketing touch points can be more costly than electronic and in-store campaigns but can bring dividends if your customer base is expanded. Printed marketing is tactile, hangs around longer and can generate higher spending customers with regular contact. Printed marketing can also help to drive customers to your website for more information or to take advantage of special offers or discount codes. Print is going through a renaissance currently. Receiving a well-designed, interesting, tactile and physical item in the post has become somewhat of a novelty as more businesses cost cut and promote solely online.

Customer Service.
The customer service experience is a valuable and difficult touch point to manage. It often has a tremendous bearing on the consumer’s opinion of your small business and whether or not they will continue to purchase your goods and services. If a customer has a difficult time with a customer service problem or leaves the situation unsatisfied, they will likely be on the lookout for a new place to shop. The customer service touch point involves more personal interaction than most other marketing touch points. It usually involves a client who is already unhappy with their overall experience and who has initiated contact with your business. As a small business, the personal relationship you build with each client can be the most important marketing touch point there is. Remember: people buy from people they like.

When you’ve aligned and analysed all of the marketing touch points your small business uses to contact its customers, they can provide you with a guide to what is working and what isn’t. An in-depth analysis of this data can help to make your marketing more efficient by revealing which touch points are underachieving and which are overachieving, which cost too much and which are more affordable. A lack of touch points in a given area or an overabundance in another can also lead to less than ideal marketing return on investment. Understanding how and why your touch points should be spread out will help make your small business marketing more efficient and effective.


To conclude:
Knowing your marketing problems and seeking out solutions is the first step to achieving marketing success.


Be a great big brand strawberry

What you NEED TO KNOW about BRANDING to help your business GET PICKED

Be a great big brand strawberry

Why are strawberries red? And what the pip has that got to do with marketing? Bear with…

Birds know that red berries are the ripest and tastiest. Strawberries have evolved to advertise their tastiness by changing colour to an intense red. What’s in it for them? Birds eat the fruit, can’t digest the seeds and scatter them around the area.

This made us think. We’re all in business to attract attention and get picked. Right? The trick is making sure it’s us that customers want to pick.

And that’s where branding comes in.

This is not the time to be shy

Your logo is a visual shortcut which reminds people who you are.

There’s a famous study which shows the more someone sees a picture or name, the more likely they are to pick it. Familiarity leads to trust. And subconsciously, when faced with a choice, we choose the more familiar name. It’s automatic.

That’s how branding works.

It’s not that the Mona Lisa is the best picture in the world.
It’s just that we’ve seen it the most times. It’s familiar.

And this logic applies to your brand.

branding strawberry
advertising, logo, branding, times square

Rebrand it and they will freak

Every so often the press reports some company rebranding costing eleventy bazillion quids. And the crowd goes crazy. ‘What a waste of money’ they squeal.

We design corporate identities for businesses like yours every week. For a lot less than eleventy bazillion quids.

But let’s think about your logo for a moment.

How many times will it be seen?

The magic £0.0001 per view

You should be proud of your logo. And liberally plaster it everywhere.

You’ll definitely use it on your website, your business cards and your stationery. You’ll use it on your brochures, folders and price lists.

You might even use it on billboards, signage, vehicles or uniforms.

Over its life, how many times will it be seen? How many people drive past your premises each hour? How many visit your website each day? How many punters do you serve each week? How many mailers do you post each month?

Your logo could be seen MILLIONS of times each year.

It’s sooo much more than a logo

Some people think a “brand” is just a logo.

Got a logo? That’s my branding done. Tick. That was easy!

But it’s much more than that. Your brand is how customers describe you to their friends. It’s the way you answer your phone. The way your website reads. The language in that handwritten sign in your reception. How your team react when a customer walks into your place.

It’s how you make them feel.

Customers are just the start

You might be hiring staff right now, or have plans to in the future.

Your brand matters here too.

The marketplace for talent is competitive.

Applicants will be deciding whether they fit into your tribe. Whether your brand matches their beliefs. To attract and retain the best talent, your brand story is important.

Before you get to pick them, they’re choosing whether to pick you.

Mystery shopping yourself

Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to look at your business in a new way. To look at it like a customer does.

But that’s hard for us to do ourselves. Our automatic, or ‘system 1’ mind, blanks out details we see every day. We become blind to the way our business looks. That’s our brain’s way of protecting us from information overload. But it’s dangerous.

You could ask a friend to review their experience, as if they were a client. But an alternative technique is to take photographs of the journey a customer would take and print them out. You’ll be surprised at the results and the insights you get from looking at your business through a lens. The same applies to your website. Print out the flow.

Reboot, refresh, repeat

Your mystery shopping exercise might reveal some things that need attention. Your website review might show some things that are unclear or confusing.

Not everything goes to plan. Things evolve. You keep meaning to do that new thing. Then life happens. Things get in the way of our best intentions.

Branding is our business. We’d like to be involved from the start of your refresh. We can be a second pair of eyes. We can be your mystery shopper. Ask us to experience your business as a customer and let’s start building the next chapter of your brand story.

Perception is part of your brand

People make a judgement about the quality of your business, based on the feel of your brand. Everything. The overall experience.

If your website is out-of-date, if your brochures are skimpy, if your marketing looks amateur then customers will subconsciously judge you.

Now’s the time to supercharge your refresh with elegant leafletsbrochures or a new catalogue. It’s never been more affordable. Register for prices.

Make yourself look irresistible. Get picked.

get picked branding booklet cover image

Digiprint, your best local green printers

Printing has been around for many years, and it hasn’t been known for its greener shade, however at Digiprint, we believe the way we treat the environment impacts directly on the way we live and work, and we are committed to making a difference by taking matters into our own hands.

At Digiprint, we aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible, giving you the best bespoke solution for your specific requirements and at the same time reducing our carbon footprint. One way we do this is through our programme for change, Go Green Printing. We are passionate about the environment and can put it into practice by operating in an environmentally friendly way. Through a combination of investment in greener technology, Eco links, and recycled or forestry managed papers, waste management, and clever sourcing, we can offer you a truthfully green printing service.

Our paper is sourced from Forest Stewardship Council certified suppliers and manufactured using environmentally sustainable procedures, and our waste paper and used rags are all recycled. We also recycle any liquid waste we produce. Our lithographic printer inks are entirely vegetable based and our digital presses use dry toner based inks and are naturally green. By taking these necessary measures, we ensure that every aspect of our business is geared toward environmental sustainability. So, whatever you purchase from us, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll receive the greenest and most ethical print products available.

However, it’s not all big changes that can make a difference. We pride ourselves on making small changes, such as introducing low energy LED lighting in our studios. Just something as small as this can vastly impact our environment.

So, if you are as committed as us in reducing your carbon footprint and seeing a greener world, make a difference and choose your best local green printers today. For more information, contact our dedicated team of professionals.

Digiprint – green printers – naturally.

find out more: Green and Ethical 

31 Days of Signage – Day 10 Vinyl Car Decals & Graphics

Car decals and graphics are one of the most cost effective ways to create a mobile advert for your business. With our bespoke designed and cut out vinyl car graphics we can promote your business, services or product with a clean and simple message.

We use 3-5 year external vehicle grade Hexis vinyls and contour cut from solid sheets of self adhesive vinyl. We supply ready to fit kits laid out with an application tape over the graphics for DIY home fitting or we can professionally fit your vinyl graphics for you.

Branding your fleet with company logos or advertise offers and sales with your vehicles is really easy and cost effective. With a further 10% off during the whole of May there is no better time to get your message mobile!

Contact Lee at our Bath studio on 01225 424821 or Chris at the Chippenham studio on 01249 655778 for more info

digiprint van car decals graphics

31 Days of Signage – Day 9 Vinyl Window Graphics

Day 9 and today our service under the spotlight is our huge range of contour cut out window graphics produced from solid colour adhesive vinyls. We produce these kits on a daily basis for many businesses, from simple opening times that you can stick to doors and windows, right up to full sales window installations.

Our vinyl is made to last and with a 3 year guaranteed outside lifespan we can deliver quality window displays that last. Easy to apply kits are available already laid out with application tape that you can fit yourself or you can book one of our sign and display fitters to do the job for you.

Below is an example at Bath University Innovation Centre, of various different window vinyl applications in one job. We supplied contour cut individual logos for the first floor windows, cut white lettering for the ground floor and a printed one way vision film for the bottom sections.

We also offer window frosting and here is an example of a first floor window frosting job in Chippenham with cut vinyl lettering and graphics applied to the outside giving a 3D floating effect.

No job is too big or too small for this service and we can design, produce and fit your vinyl graphics within just a couple of days. Retailers, shops and offices use digiprint and digisigns for their cut vinyl window graphics for repeat and continuously changing designs and offers. Our prices are very affordable so you can often run several changes or promotions each year. One of our best customers use this advertising method for a monthly message, offer or promotional change and found it increased sales and brand awareness by over 40%.

31 Days of Signage – Day 6 & 7 Slope Fabric Booth and Flag range

Day 6 Showcases our massive Slope Fabric exhibition Booth.

These easy to set up fabric booths are printed both sides to a stretch fabric material which slides over a tubular aluminium frame and everything fits into on easy to carry bag. The Slope frame creates a large exhibition space or meeting space in your office or reception and can even be washed.

You save a massive £200 off this display booth during our May sale so if you are planning on attending an exhibition soon grab this bargain and make a real statement!

Was £1195 +vat
Now only £995 +vat during May

The dimensions are 2300mm high at its tallest section, 3200mm wide and 2000mm deep so really creates a large space to show off your company.

We recently launched this stand at the Bath Business Expo and it made a real impact. We combined it with our straight backwall with the Bridge accessory to create a stunning display.

Day 7 and we have our Flag range on offer.

There are 3 designs and each come with a standard internal cross base. You can add different bases or ground spike for external use if required.

Empire flag is reduced to £139 +vat
Quill flag is reduced to £169 +vat
Teardrop flag is reduced to £139 +vat

  • Empire Standing Flag – printed 2 sides – 3.5m
  • Printed on 100gsm Fire retardant and fade resistant 100% ‘tight-weave’ polyester
    Assembled size: 750(w) x 3500(h)
    Printed with dye-sublimation inks
    Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    Full colour print on both sides with blackout divider to restrict ‘show-through’
    Wash before outdoor use at 30º with no detergent
    Suitable outdoor in winds of up to 15mph
    Supplied with cross base, pole and carry bag
  • Service: Normal: 5 working days
  • Quill Standing Flag – printed 2 sides – 3.6m
  • Printed on 100gsm Fire retardant and fade resistant 100% ‘tight-weave’ polyester
    Assembled size: 700(w) x 3600(h)
    Printed with dye-sublimation inks
    Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    Full colour print on both sides with blackout divider to restrict ‘show-through’
    Wash before outdoor use at 30º with no detergent
    Suitable outdoor in winds of up to 15mph
    Supplied with cross base, pole and carry bag
  • Service: Normal: 5 working days
  • Teardop Standing Flag – printed 2 sides – 2.7m
  • Printed on 100gsm Fire retardant and fade resistant 100% ‘tight-weave’ polyester
    Assembled size: 1050(w) x 2700(h)
    Printed with dye-sublimation inks
    Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    Full colour print on both sides with blackout divider to restrict ‘show-through’
    Wash before outdoor use at 30º with no detergent
    Suitable outdoor in winds of up to 15mph
    Supplied with cross base, pole and carry bag
  • Service: Normal: 6 working days

31 Days of Signage Entire May offers

During May we are showcasing our in-house signs, Exhibition and display department available at the digiprint Bath and Chippenham studios.

Every day we will focus on a specific product or service and there will be some fantastic offers for you to take advantage of.

All offers will be available every day throughout May and a new offer will be promoted daily.

Keep up to date this month on social media and on our blog for the latest deals.

31 Days of Signage – Day 5 Curve 24 Fabric Stand

Going to an Exhibition, Expo, Networking event, promotion or need a funky and cost effective solution for window displays, backdrops or marketing?

Well digiprint has just the product you have been searching for. With our hugely popular Curve 24 Fabric stand we print and supply a great solution. The Curve 24 Fabric stand is a printed stretch fabric material pouch (think of it a bit like a big duvet cover!) that stretches neatly over a simple aluminium frame that all fits snugly into one easy to carry bag.

We print to both sides and you can pull the fabric over the frame so it faces both ways giving you the potential of a 2-in-1 solution for exhibition display stands. This product is a direct replacement and upgrade to those messy and cumbersome pop-up display walls with 3 to 5 strip panels that you have to line up exactly with the magnetic tape. You know the ones, and probably got frustrated before when setting up and they pop off the frame!

Well the Curve 24 is 2.3m high and 2.4m wide giving you loads of space to design a beautiful image and all with one smooth surface with no joins at all. We can put these up in about 10 minutes, they really are that easy.

So what’s the deal then? well during our May signage offer month, these have an amazing saving of £204 off the net price.

Curve 24 Fabric stand display was £529 +vat

Now only £325 +vat

  • Curve24 – 2.3 x 2.5m Curved Stand – frame & cover
  • Dye-sub printed on 260gsm 100% ‘Stretch’ polyester
    Assembled size(mm): 2480(w) x 2300(h) x 540(d)
    Full colour print on both sides
    Wash before outdoor use at 30º with no detergent
    Fire retardant and fade resistant
    Fastens with zip
    Supplied with aluminium frame and carry bag
  • Service: Normal: 5 working days

31 Days of Signage – Day 4 Booster A Board

Another day, another deal! but remember all of these deals are available throughout the entire month of May in our 31 days of signage promotion.

Today we are showcasing our sturdy, quality and robust “Booster A Board” to liven up your front of house image.

The Booster is a metal construction with clear magnetic fixing poster covers and a “D” curved header panel on each side. We are throwing in 2 posters with the offer price and you can add 2 header graphic stickers for just £39 with this deal.

Save £20 this month plus free posters.
Booster A Board £129 +vat

We also have a signage BONUS OFFER today with the launch of our new “SNUGGLE” fabric booth. After the success of our larger booths we have created a mini printed fabric booth that is only 2.4m wide and 2m deep to fit within smaller expo spaces and receptions or they can be used to create personal meeting pods. They are 1.8m high and printed to both sides so you can brand these fabric stands with logos, images or messages to create a totally unique space.

Available for just £795 +vat