Top 5 Digiprint Design Tips

To maximise the impact of your print, we want to share with you some of our valuable insights into what makes a great design. Here are just five ways to inspire you:

The Quiet Zone

A quiet zone is a 5mm border in from the outer edge of your document where no text, design elements, or logos reside. This will ensure professionalism and guarantee that none of your content is trimmed off when we cut your artwork down. So, for all those of you who want your presentation posters to shout with knowledge, get into the quiet zone.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Big, Bad, Negative Space

White space in artwork is really not all that bad. It can be tempting to fill out your document with design elements, such as text and imagery, however white space is an opportunity to let your design breathe. It can also create purposeful shapes on the page. For example, FedEx use negative space to create a forward arrow, which promotes their brand.

Tell it with Typography

Think about the font you use and what it communicates. For example, typefaces with rounded edges are often friendlier, Serifs portray tradition and age, and Sans Serifs have a more modern feel. Typography is an art, so make it count.

Compare and Contrast

Text colour that is too close to the background colour will be unreadable. Avoid blue text on a red background and try white text instead. Also, avoid black text on busy backgrounds.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

When you’re setting out to design make a note of design trends. For example, you’ll notice that movie posters in the horror genre are very similar. This is because people expect a certain portrayal of the product. If you’re too radical and your design doesn’t fit within its niche, it may not communicate what you want.

Once you’ve had some fun designing, we can offer you a quality print service to get the best out of your efforts. For more advice and ideas on what makes a fantastic design, get in touch with our team.