31 DAYS OF SIGNAGE – DAY 21 Window Stickers

Window stickers are great to bring a shop frontage to life and advertise any special offers, new products, promotions or create seasonal changes.

We work with 100’s of offices, shops and businesses to help them create eyecatching and personal window displays including many national and regional chains that need bespoke scaled to fit solutions for different properties.

Printed to either low-tac vinyl, standard, coloured or clear vinyl plus special one way vision vinyl we have a complete solution for your display by using window stickers.

Our process can be whole sheets of printed graphics applied to the glass, individually cut lettering, logos or graphics, and print and cut stickers. Frosted vinyl is also available and can be printed to give some stunning effects along with tinted glass translucent coloured vinyls.

31 DAYS OF SIGNAGE – DAY 20 Banners

Banners are a great cost effective way to communicate your message to a wide audience where size and scale are required. We print banners in-house on our eco-friendly Latex printers and they can be seam sealed and eyeletted for hanging safely and securely.

Banners can be produced in any bespoke size up to a maximum width of 1500mm and up to 10m long in one piece.

Scrim banner is tough, durable and above all, long lasting. digisigns can print your banners quickly and cost effectively in-house. We use the latest high quality machines to print vibrant colours that are fade resistant and scrim reinforced heavyweight material for a quality banner. Beware of cheap online only options, they can often not be what you expected!

Get our most popular 3x1m banner for just £87 reduced from £114

Banners are everywhere these days and probably the cheapest form of wide format printing that gets you noticed.

We print in-house using our solvent ink machines to thick quality grade banner materials and flag scrims.

Pop in to our showrooms to see samples of hardware available and to discuss your requirements.

For £10 per linear metre the banner can be seam sealed, this protects the edges and prolongs the banner. Adding eyelets not only allow you to hang the banner, but also strengthen the corners. Alternatively corner clamps can be used, or poster hanger bars are also available.

  • 510gsm Scrim Banner
  • Printed environmentally with Latex inks
  • Full colour coverage or single colour text
  • 1.2m wide by any length
  • Seam sealing and eyeleting an option
  • Ask about our double sided banners
  • Suitable for high streets, fences, displays, shop signs, promotional events
  • Design services available.

31 Days of Signage – Day 19 Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps are a great way to create stunning, eye-catching advertisements for your business or brand on vans or cars as well as stand out visual graphics.

We wrap with two processes. The first is full colour printed vinyl which is laminated and heat stretched to the contours of your vehicle, the second method is solid cast colour vinyl that is applied in the same way. We use top quality Hexis materials and the vinyl is graded at 5-7 years. We can perform full colour changes to panels, or part wraps.

Get an extra 10% off during May on vehicle wraps so order now and brighten up your motor!

An example of a printed full colour vehicle wrap

An example of a cast single colour change vehicle wrap

31 Days of Signage – Day 18 Printed Wallpaper

Wallpaper Can be produced with ease at digisigns and we have produced some stunning images.

Digital technology has now come of age and has revolutionised the industry for wall coverings. We can print as many colours as we want, or have huge repeats. It also means the minimum print run is just one metre – with no tooling costs! This has transformed the playing field, making it much easier to test print or to produce small sections for walls.

Full image murals:

With such a huge library of high-resolution digital photography at our fingertips, another growth area is whole-wall murals. Until now more commonly provided to the trade sector by large companies and an expensive option, digisigns produce wall coverings on HP wallpaper material to bespoke images.

One-off designs:

The ability to change the scale or colours of a design at the click of a button has opened the door onto a fabulous new world of customisable papers that simply wasn’t possible before digitalisation, except at the very highest end of the market. Without the limitations of minimum print runs, digisigns can make anything just for you, tapping into the current trend for personalised interiors.

Get bespoke printed wallpaper for just £20 per square metre this May.

31 Days of Signage – Day 17 print and cut Vinyl Stickers

Stickers! come on everyone loves stickers!

Ok so we are not talking about the child’s sticker packs here although we have been asked to produce bespoke sheets for birthday parties before! In the corporate world though we produce hundreds of thousands of bespoke vinyl stickers for anything from product labels and branding up to safety labels and equipment security labels.

Our sticker printing process uses our state of the art HP Latex printer which will run a roll of vinyl 1.5m wide by 50m long! so we can get fast production of quality high definition printed vinyl. Cut to any size or shape!

Our prints are then sent to the cutting machine where we can kiss-cut out any shape, size or quantity required. It is a fun process to watch and slightly hypnotic seeing your stickers cut out before your eyes. Give us a challenge we would love to design and print a run of stickers for you and your business.

They could be used for branding purposes, to give away with products for marketing, to use for labels, there is no end to what can be done with them and with our bespoke range of vinyls we can make some pretty special designs.

31 Days of Signage – Day 16 Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints are a great cost effective way to bring colour, design and interest to bland office walls, homes and shops.

Our customers love the fact that digisigns have both in-house canvas printing to real cotton material and in-house custom stretching over kiln dried chunky wooden frames.

Our canvas range starts from a simple A4 size and goes right up to A0 in size for huge impact. We produce professional canvases for local artists including some of the most popular Bath artists that are sold in shops and stalls all over the city for short limited edition canvas runs.

One of our customers creates stunning images of world maps and we produce special canvas prints for his customers on a very regular basis. The results are amazing and as you can see below the quality is of retail class.

We have an A2 canvas on offer this month for just £40+vat reduced from £50 so you can save and improve the look of your walls throughout May.

31 Days of Signage – Day 15 Sign Boards

Sign Boards are the focus product to kick off yet another week of signage and display promotions. We make a vast number of very bespoke sign boards and panels for businesses and individuals at digisigns.

Our customers love the fact that we use a range of panel thicknesses and material that they can choose from including; corrugated pvc correx board, 1,3,5 and 10mm foamalux or foamex panel, 3mm dibond and allupanel aluminium composite board and kapa internal foam mout boards.

Whatever you need, we have the material and service to help. It could be a small A4 size board to go outside right up to a row of 8ft by 4ft hoarding panels around a construction site. At digisigns we have the production capacity to do the lot. We regularly produce bespoke panels in large numbers for manufacturing companies that wish to send out branding information, display POS and info panels to their re-sellers. With a print run starting from just one panel going up to 100’s or 1000’s we have just the right service to get your message out there.

All of our sign panels are printed with the latest eco-friendly HP Latex print technology which gives superior image quality and durability in outdoor conditions plus we laminate with a clear film over the top to provide extra protection from scratches and water or dust.

During May we have 10% off all and any printed sign board product from our standard range so if your walls need a re-fresh or you really need to update those menu boards at the restaurant or directional panels in the office now is the time to buy!

31 Days of Signage – Day 14 Speciality Vinyl

Speciality and special effect vinyl is showcased today. So we have reached the end of another week of information and offers for our digisigns signage department and the feedback has been great so far.

To round off our focus on cut and applied vinyl graphics week we have some really interesting options that you may not have seen at other sign and print companies.

We work with some of the best vinyl manufacturers and have innovative special effect vinyls to make you stand out from the crowd. you could be looking to wrap a van or car, or maybe want to upcycle something in your office to bring it in line with your new branding, or maybe even have a display or retail area that could do with a spruce up. The possibilities are endless with what we can do for you so let your creative juices run wild and pop in to see one or our signage design teams at Bath or Chippenham for advice and pricing.

As an example of uses; we have covered an old sales counter with leather texture vinyl for a business that wanted a fresh look, created bespoke lettering in glitter vinyl for a display wall, and even wrapped toilet seats with carbon fibre for a customer!

the possibilities really are endless and we are very open to suggestions or ideas plus our team love an interesting job or problem to solve.

Give us a call or pop in to discuss your needs: Bath – 01225 424821   Chippenham – 01249 655778

31 DAYS OF SIGNAGE – DAY 13 Window Frosting

Window Frosting can give you a privacy screen and help to promote your business at the same time.

Our bespoke window frosting service can supply full frosted sheets that cover and obscure your entire window or frosted strips to obscure partial space and even bespoke cut out logo vinyl panels to keep your brand visible.

Our studios utilise frosting to create a partial frosted display section based on our Nettl Pixel logo and we have cut out lettering in the largest vinyl panel displaying a list of our services. see below:

Another solution that works really well is to have the inside of the window frosted with an entire sheet of frosted vinyl and then to apply cut vinyl lettering to the front of the window. This gives the illusion of the lettering floating in space just away from the frosted vinyl. example below:


31 Days of Signage – Day 12 Van Livery

Van livery is an every day item here at digisigns in digiprint. We have supplied thousands of logos, contact details, and branding kits for our customers vehicles and our easy to apply vinyl kits are a simple and professional solution.

Van livery and graphics are one of the most cost effective ways to create a mobile advert for your business. With our bespoke designed and cut out vinyl van graphics we can promote your business, services or product with a clean and simple message.

We use 3-5 year external vehicle grade Hexis vinyls and contour cut from solid sheets of self adhesive vinyl. We supply ready to fit kits laid out with an application tape over the graphics for DIY home fitting or we can professionally fit your vinyl graphics for you.

Branding your fleet of vans with company logos or advertise offers and sales with your vehicles is really easy and cost effective. With a further 10% off during the whole of May there is no better time to get your message mobile!

Contact Lee at our Bath studio on 01225 424821 or Chris at the Chippenham studio on 01249 655778 for more info